January 22nd, 2024

Two blogposts in one day?! Unheard of!


OK so maybe I wasn't done rambling earlier... hahahaha. I guess I'm just bored at school... Anywho, I've been listening to a lot of the Go-Nuts. They're a Snak-Rock band who wanted to make America SNAK MORE!!!!!!!! They have four members, Kaptain Korn Nut on vocals and guitar, The Donut Prince on guitar and vocals too, Donut Hole on bass (he's also a maid o////o), and Korn Dogg on drums. They're pretty rad. I like their sound so much, I bought two of their CDs, and ripped one of 'em for the whole world to listen to! The album "Dunk and Cover" is up on my YouTube page. If you like The Phantom Surfers, The Aquabats, or any bands like that, I really recommend listening to them! I love them sooooooooooooo much!!! Even my BFFs in the Weeners and Lilly love them! The Go-Nuts rock!!!