september 12th 2023



this is being put up on the site a day late (whoops!) but better late than never.

i spent aaaaaaaall day on call with reuben, then the two of us watched the VMAs with lilly. (did anyone else watch that? it was crap!)... the whole time i was working on this site, though. or... working on things to put on here. if you read these and you aren't an aquabats fan, you might be uninterested! there's a section of this site dedicated to archiving and having all things the aquabats super show in one place. i put up as many promos and teaser videos as i could find, and i'm working on getting all the san diego comic con stuff up and working on there.

my site relies on CATBOX.MOE to function and show correct media, but catbox has been ddos attacked and has been working on and off because of that. so sorry if the site is uglier than usual and / or missing images. it is simply not my fault!

lastly, i wanna thank saladguru and boneheadspazmotron for giving me pix of supershow items i couldnt find. it helps a lot!!!!!!