september 5th 2023



my rbf tape arrives today!!!!!!!!!!!! i am very grounded but i no longer care because YAY TAPES!!!!!!!!!!! im so excited :vD!!!! ive been working on the site basically all day after school. i do online school so i basically get out as soon as i finish my work. i also woke up late but thats ok. i'll attach photos later on!! i dont have my phone obvi xC.... but the seller also gave me a free less than jake three song sampler! how cool is that?! now i have that AND the turn the radio off sampler! you can see my entire music collection here.

ok heres some pix of the tapes i got, just not my own pix of them.

fun fact about that first TtRO tape, i once tried ordering one (for a ridiculous price, too!) and the seller "couldn't find it". I NEVER GOT MY CASS!!! i was so upset!!!!! but now i have it and i got it for FIVE BUCKS. thank god for ebay!!!