september 6th 2023

new bias + don't hit your tech!!!


i totally woke up too early today!!! i can never get it just right, lol. it was, like 7 when i woke up. i wanted to go back to bed but i didn't, so that's cool. i got all my classwork done in like, twenty minutes, so now i'm just bored. i dunno what to dooooo!!!!! i might just finish backstage passport and nap. oh right, i didnt even mention that i've been binging NOFX's backstage passport docuseries. IT'S SO GOOD!!! ^A^

speaking of which, i've started the inevitable shift from liking the lead singer to the guitarist. this always happens to me!!! maybe i just have a thing for guitarists. whatever it is, i kinda really like melvin. he's not really cute like eaglebones, but he's weirdly charming in a way. who knows, maybe i'll end up liking jefe in the end. it's all up to fate :P.

in other news, i found out while testing my new tapes that my cassette player is a bit busted. it needs to be (gently) whacked over the top to work. no biggie though. i like whacking things. don't hit your tape players if they're already working, though. your tech has feelings too. :v(