september 7th 2023

stay positive!!! it's thursday!!!


woke up at 7 today cos i went to bed real early. maybe its not that bad to wake up this early xD anyway tho i woke up on my sketchbook so i guess i fell asleep drawing. you don't get to know what i was drawing. last night i finished NOFX backstage passport, im a little sad about it but i can always rewatch lol. my fav is still mel eueeeeu...,,,.. he is slowly but surely becoming one of my fav guitarists, like ever. but i'll never be over ian i think, ian's my faaaaav :DDD... i think today im gonna listen to more of the hepatitis bathtub audiobook :D i'm still grounded. and i owe my mom like three hundred bux cos i broke my school laptop, whoops, but like how was i supposed to know i had to turn it in?????? it's totally not my fault.

anyway it's thursday! almost at the end of the week :P stay positive and stuff, we got this!!!!!! i know it's been a rough week for me, and maybe you reading this!! thats ok, everyone has bad weeks. its only weird if every week is a bad week. i know my past couple of weeks have been. strange. but u just gotta get thru it, yaknow? don't gotta dwell on all your bad days.