september 7th 2023

it's friday! fall is coming!!


it's friday!!! we made it to the end of the week, aw yea B)!!!!!! it's also almost the week anniversary of this web site, how cool is that?!?!?! so much exciting stuff.....

i think doing this every day has been pretty good for me (and my typing skills.), so i'll keep it up. it's nice to have something to do as soon as i finish working. that's always important, having stuff to keep your brain busy, especially if you're feeling down. it can be really anything to do, actually, like watching shows (say, the aquabats super show?) or reading (the hepatitis bathtub by NOFX?)...

i've been kinda mean to some people this week, and i don't wanna say they deserved it, but they totally did. i'm glad to have friends who are nice to me (and vice versa). i love my friends so much. you always gotta appreciate the little stuff, right!? LOL

speaking of friends, i listened to an album today, "those damn bandits" by RX bandits. my friend reuben wanted me to listen to it, and i did, and it seriously rocked. i think he told me JTR (of the aquabats!!!) was in it at one point to play sax, which is pretty rad. they're ska-punk reggae fusion i think? whatever the RX bandits are, theyre awesome. theres the album cover!

if you have any album recommendations, email me or DM me on my socials!!!!!! please!!!!

i'm real excited for fall to come in. every day the temp high stays the same (104 degrees F) but i hope it'll start lowering. fall is probably my favorite season, it's not too cold but also not too hot. usually it marks the beginning of the school year (a bit late the past couple years, mind you), but i'm doing school online so it doesn't really mean as much. i still go out often though. i ride my bike to the corner store and stuff. can't drive yet :P.

i don't even know if people actually read these things (especially this one; it's getting kinda lengthy), but i'll keep doing them for my own sake :).