or IAN FOWLES is the guitarist of the Aquabats, and also probably my favorite person on Earth. He loves Fender guitars, Twinkies and most Hostess products, and conspiracy theories. His favorite song is "Just What I Needed" by The Cars. He's also the sweetest person I've ever talked to!!!! He means the world to me!

He's been a member of The Aquabats since 2006 and replaced Chainsaw, the Prince of Karate, on guitar. On the tour bus, he was given the name EAGLE (For his bird like name) "BONES" (for his lower-than-average weight) FALCONHAWK (see the first reason). In the TV show, he plays a laser guitar and has a shit-eating brother called EagleClaw who I hate.

Pic that I took at my first aquabats concert!
I took this picture myself at an Aquabats concert!

I first met Ian IRL on July 13th 2023 (although I had spoken to him online via cadet meet and greet before then), and I swear I could've cried. He was so sweet to me, and he didn't even know it was my birthday. I was a bit (super) shy but I'm sure he understood, he's pretty shy himself.
That same night, I made barricade to the concert, right where he played! And let me tell you, he has THE cutest guitar solo face EVER! It's so adorable!

Ian is also a founding member of DEATH BY STEREO but departed soon after. He was also a guitarist (vocalist?) for a 2 other bands before The Death, CleanX and D-Cons. He doesn't really like CleanX, but I hope he knows I loooooove them :)

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